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WhamNow! [ Download ]




Optional location sending (for example, if you get lost or need to tell someone where something is)

Possibly appointment sending / Meetings

Further group chat development. You can create group chats and send the group chat id's at the moment to your friends for them to join. Later on, we'll make this easier by allowing you to add them automatically.



Secure user to user messaging

Video Chats (voice chats need more testing)

Sending attachments such as Photos, Files and more

Destroying sent messages if you make a mistake



Q: Where can I download WhamNow for my Android phone?

A: You can get the latest release via the Android Play Store by searching for 'WhamNow' or click on the direct link here

Q: What is WhamNow?

A: WhamNow is currently an Android application that allows you to instantly send and receive messages to any users that have the app installed on their phones. It also has the ability to receive SMS-like messages from

Q: Do I need to register to use WhamNow?

A: Yes, registration is very easy, just create a new account and make sure to enter your phone number in the details. Be sure to enter it in the correct format specified or else you will not receive messages! Once you've registered, download the app and enter the login details into the app. It's that simple!

Q: Is WhamNow secure?

A: As long as you don't give out your username and password, it's pretty secure. WhamNow uses secured connections from phone to our servers and vice versa. We also try to route our data in such a way that it does not pass through certain countries.

Q: Do I need to pay for WhamNow?

A: No, WhamNow is absolutely FREE!!

Q: How do I send a message to a WhamNow user

A: It's quite simple, just visit this link to send a web message to a WhamNow user. Enter the information required and click Send.