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    17:52:06 admin:

    Welcome to the dashboard. Here you can chat and monitor the weather systems nearest to Trinidad and Tobago! Enjoy!

    22:01:30 admin:

    It looks like the current depression is slowly going northwards. Still, we may have some rain so please be prepared.

    19:32:41 admin:

    24 hours later, still no signs of rain in Trinidad and Tobago as of 6:30pm (Tuesday 27th Sept 2016)

    20:11:08 admin:

    Drone flights show no signs of any major clouds or rain at this point in time. We are suspecting weather conditions to change around mid-night tonight but won't have any light to provide drone footage

    22:15:42 admin:

    The weather system has not shown any rain effects on south Trinidad but it is expected to show some weather northwards as it intensifies

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