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Young on brothels: Illegality will not be tolerated

NATIONAL Security Minister Stuart Young said the illegality of brothels will not be tolerated.

He was speaking yesterday at the post-Cabinet media conference at the Diplomatic Centre, Port of Spain.

He was responding to a late-night raid in Cunupia on Saturday night when 12 Venezuelan women were detained, and three Jamaicans, five Nepalese men and the owner were arrested.

Young said at his heads of security meeting this week, the raid was one of the issues discussed.

"My understanding is they went in and there was a successful raid of one of these establishments and certain persons were picked up, and of course there is a process."

He recalled at the heads of security meeting the head of the Counter Trafficking Unit was present.

"I have given the mandate to our TT Police Service, Counter Trafficking, Immigration with the support of intelligence and the TT Defence Force: we are not going to tolerate this illegality here in Trinidad. And it is not about focusing and picking up these women – although when we do, we will – (but) we are going after the ones who are in charge of these institutions and making a life out of crime and taking advantage of people...That is where our focus is, and we are in the process of doing that."

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