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Woman, 20, injured in hit and run accident...relatives call on driver to surrender

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Relatives of a 20-year-old woman who has been hospitalised after she was struck in Penal by a car are appealing to the driver to surrender to the police.

Seema Ramkissoon suffered a broken arm and fractured shoulder and was warded in a stable condition at the San Fernando General Hospital up to late yesterday. A video circulating on social media shows Ramkissoon being pitched into the air after she was struck by the car.

According to a police report, around 7 pm on Thursday, Ramkissoon was crossing San Francique Road in Penal, near Better Bargain Supermarket, with her husband, Stephon Nanan, when a burgundy Nissan Almera was seen speeding towards them. Nanan tried to push his wife out of the way but the vehicle slammed into her. She was thrown about ten feet and landed in a drain. Part of the car's licence plate number fell off on the road.

Ramkissoon's husband said, "After work we decided to go for ice cream. We looked both sides of the road and no cars were coming. We decided to cross. We were almost across the road, I was still in the road but I saw the car coming. I stopped, but she tried to run across the road and the car pulled and hit her. It had no car in the road when we were going to cross. She hit the bonnet, then the windscreen and then up in the air she went. She landed in a drain." He said an ambulance took his wife to the hospital, but she is very lucky to have survived. Her husband and father, Sieunarine Ramkissoon, 43, called on the driver to come forward. "That is wickedness, the driver should have stopped. But, he should do the right thing and surrender," said Ramkissoon. He also appealed to anyone who may know the driver's identity to inform the police. PC Seegobin of the Penal Police Station is investigating.

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