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Rowley: Somebody must know something about murder

The Prime Minister has called on Tobagonians who might have information on the murder of his best friend John “Joker” Mills and common-law-wife Eulyn John on May 2 at their Cocrico Avenue, Buccoo home, to come forward.

Dr Rowley was speaking at the funeral of the couple on Wednesday at the Montgomery Moravian church.

He described the event as a “moment of grief and national trauma,” adding, “Somewhere in Tobago somebody knows something, they know what happened here, and what I can say to you is that if you do not tell us, you keep that secret, then you are not only putting the knife in our backs but you are turning it. "Talk about the wickedness among us – it would not be surprising at all if in the very congregation somebody knows something, and worse, it wouldn’t be the first time that somebody carrying the coffin is the person with the question to answer.

“What will defeat us in the end of this horrible circumstance is to continue to associate (with) and be looked in the face by the person/s who did this knowing fully well that somebody is either too scared or too complacent to talk.

"I have lost a dear friend, a child lost a father and others lost a friend, but TT, let's not lose our soul.” He urged Tobagonians not to nourish criminal activities in their communities.

"We all bleed on the inside of this state of affairs with hatred and violence which had become an integral part of our society."

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