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PSB probe alleged abuse

THE Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) of the police service is investigating their own who allegedly beat a teenager so severely that his intestines were ruptured.

The teen, Justin Arjoon, a third form Tranquillity Government Secondary student was allegedly beaten on Carnival Tuesday and two days later, underwent emergency surgery on his intestines. The 15-year-old and his mother Allyson Teesdale were visited at the Paediatric Ward, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Compelx by PSB officers who advised Arjoon not speak to other police officers without his mother present.

Arjoon also underwent a CT scan to determine what was causing his continued pain. Depending on the results, he may have to be operated on again, his mother said. Newsday was told that an attorney has offered to sue the police service and the officer responsible for his injuries.

According to police sources, the officer who hit the teen twice in the stomach and once in the back, works at the Inter-Agency Task Force. This officer, sources said, was allegedly protected by colleagues who refused to document the incident in any police station diary.

According to Arjoon, he and a group of friends were near Murray Street, Woodbrook around 9 pm, on their way to their Cocorite homes when they were stopped by police. Arjoon was struck in his stomach and back.

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