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With legalised ganja police can hunt ‘real’ criminals

THE LEGALISATION of marijuana will free the police to focus on real criminals, says Clyde Noel of All Mansions of Rastafari.

He was speaking on Thursday night at a symposium on marijuana legislation hosted by All Mansions of Rastafari and held at Communication Workers Union headquarters, Port of Spain.

Noel said those in authority seemed to be opening their eyes but if the situation is taken lightly they would fall asleep again. He was likely referring to comments by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley at a recent People's National Movement public meeting that the issue of marijuana legislation would be looked at next year, a turnabout from his position in July that decriminalisation of marijuana was not a priority for Government at this time.

Noel said people should spread the message of marijuana on the highways and byways and did not have to be scared any more that the plant would destroy liberty and lives. He said legalisation will reduce the number of people locked up for marijuana possession.

"This will reduce crime. They will have time to look for more (murderers), for more thieves, for more children abusers, for more women abusers. They are going to free up the system to give police chance to do real work. Is time they start to work for their pay. It is time they start to find real criminals."

He said it was time their brothers and sisters incarcerated for this simple plant are freed from prison.

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