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Gun, ammo stolen from SUV

A Barataria man who left a bag in his SUV and went to a gym near the Aranguez savannah on Wednesday returned two hours later and found his licensed .38 pistol and eight rounds of ammunition, a magazine and a tablet gone.

The frantic man made a report to the Barataria Police, who searched for the missing item, but to no avail.

Vishnu Tewarie returned to his Kia Sorento around 7.30 pm and discovered the leather bag with the gun and other belongings missing.

Police investigators believe the van was broken into by someone using a duplicate key since there was no sign of a break-in. They also believe the perpetrator knew Tewarie had a gun and ammunition in the bag.

Investigators were hoping to get surveillance camera footage from nearby residents to help them find those responsible.
Ag Cpl Gordon is investigating.

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