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Encouraging illegality

Friday, February 9, 2018

“PH drivers get taxi stand” screamed the headlines of a news item in the press. Yet we continue to ask ourselves why we are in this untenable position. Look no further than that headline to recognise and appreciate the root cause of all our troubles in Trinidad and Tobago.

Another “illegal” industry that has been allowed to operate and flourish while a blind eye was turned by all political administrators because it filled a gap left by their incompetence.

Imagine an industry that is unregulated and illegal and one whose operators are very often in the news for all the wrong reasons are now demanding, and being given, a taxi stand to avoid them being issued tickets and continue with their illegal operations.

There is no doubt that this illegal industry has grown because there is a dire need for public transport, a need that has been ignored by all. But this cannot continue especially in today’s crime ridden environment.

Spineless decisions such as this is simply plastering over the cracks and amounts to kicking the pan down the road.

If the present laws relating to obtaining a taxi badge need to be addressed, for whatever reason, fix them so that some sort of regulation and structure can be introduced. But deal with it. I am sure the thousands that operate PH taxis will be willing to register, if given the opportunity, to operate legally, allowing them to earn an honest living without fear of victimisation.

In closing, let me admit to using the services offered by Uber, which I have found to be excellent, and have encouraged others to do so, mainly because their service is monitored and regulated by the operations, which in itself offers a degree of comfort, though also illegal.

Just my 2 cents.
Richard Trestrail

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