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Be careful of creating police state

Friday, February 9, 2018

I am in total disagreement with the newly appointed police commissioner when he says we need another 1,100 policemen.

The population of this nation is not expanding despite the presence of illegal immigrants. It balances itself out by the amount of citizens leaving these shores and going to live in other countries.

What is wrong here is that the police have become a law unto themselves without any political control and are now allowed to demand massive amounts of public money which are wasted.

The truth of the matter is that our present manpower of policemen is adequate to meet the challenge of local crime but they are incompetent and spend too much time sitting in police stations waiting to be called to various crime scenes or running around like headless chickens in police cars.

They need to get out on regular foot patrols and forming meaningful relationships with communities in order to keep abreast of the criminals.

Moreover, increasing the police manpower will not solve the problem of not catching our growing brigade of habitual murderers which our present contingency of policemen is failing to do. The last thing we want is to turn this nation into a police state—which will happen if we increase our police manpower yet again.

GA Marques

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