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‘Kylie’ ready to strike

Monday, January 15, 2018

Quest for success on behalf of readers is all about winning; not necessarily winners but wagering, in whatever form, to yield profit.

Betting and laying are now available to punters, virtue of Betfair betting exchange, which has been in existence for nigh on twenty years, seems like yesterday when my life changed.

Only a year after its introduction a check up with my doctor led to an ECG at a local hospital and the cardiologist concluding proceedings by saying, ‘you need a pacemaker!’

For years I’d experienced agitation and unpleasant symptoms; different prescriptions were tried but my health wasn’t 100%, one put it down to working flat out, full-time as a racing correspondent and adviser/handicapper to one of the best trainers on this planet, Barry Hills.

The Lambourn ‘winning machine’ demanded 100%, never left a stone unturned and we were a great team because it was paradoxical from the moment our association commenced. Mobile phones also surfaced big-time at the turn of this turbulent century.

Anyone would be wealthy if they had as many pounds as we’ve had phone calls during the last twenty years!

A pacemaker was fitted, just in time; apparently my heartbeat was dangerously low at 38, the small, implanted, device was regulated at 60!

Immediately ‘JR’ was cured and though there are restrictions, such as boisterous body contact in football, etc, that wasn’t a concern; my soccer career ended in the 1960’s when realising that playing professionally was akin to slavery (£20 a week!) and getting fulfillment from my new abiding passion, horse-racing journalism.

Health is far more important than wealth, that’s fact; it is impossible to operate successfully with a worried mind, unfortunately millions of betters suffer, they are seduced and simply don’t understand what is happening to them in a ‘unique’ world dominated by a cynical bookmaking profession. It would be perfect if all punters read this column!*

Mine is to advise and avoid minefields on the so-called ‘level playing field’ by adopting a serious, albeit humorous, approach to a daily task in the toughest game imaginable. One strength is control!

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