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‘Hit’ on Colleen

FORMER journalist and current media relations officer for the Office of the Parliament, Colleen Holder, has reported to police that a 'hit' has been placed on her after she publicly voiced her concerns about crime and lawlessness in the HDC's Oropune Gardens development where she lives.

Holder, in the past week, has been the voice and face of the Oropune residents challenging the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) to do better at securing the residents and maintaining the rules of the housing community.

Last Saturday, Holder at a media conference at the Oropune Police Youth Club said that the HDC could not pass the buck on security by saying it’s a police matter. She added that many of the concerns she and other residents raised including the operation of three illegal businesses, are within the remit of HDC.

On Wednesday, the HDC moved in and demolished and removed three businesses which belonged to Anthony "One Foot" Knights, a resident of Oropune Gardens.

In a WhatsApp message, Holder wrote: "I was given reliable information this morning that a hit was placed on my life today because I spoke out on issues in Oropune Gardens. I will be making a report to the Arouca Police station as well as I will send a formal letter to the CoP and the Minister of National Security and the media. Unfortunately I have become a target because I am speaking out on behalf of residents. I now see why people stay silent. Sigh."

Holder, who was robbed twice in the community, said last Saturday that she is no longer afraid of being targeted because she is “totally fed up”. She added that when she was asked about placement she chose Oropune Gardens twice.

When asked today if she was willing to move Holder said: "Not moving lol." She added that she spoke with officers at the Arouca Police Station about the information she received and is yet to make an official report.

Last week National Security Minister Stuart Young expressed concern over an emerging crime situation in Oropune. Knights, according to a newspaper report was linked to increased crime in the area facilitated by his illegal businesses. He have since retained the services of a senior attorney on his next step.

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