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Diary of a mothering worker Entry 301 DR GABRIELLE JAMELA HOSEIN IT’S ONLY week three of school. Last Friday, Ziya forgot her science books at home even though school bag packing was supervised. We learned to double check until her seven-year-old self gets it right. On Monday, I...
THE EDITOR: Two pieces of information coming from the Police Service have caused me some anxiety. Firstly, is the directive by the CoP that all officers must show their police ID badge when interacting with the public. The presentation of a badge is no guarantee that the holder a genuine cop. It...
THE EDITOR: Today when our country is pregnant with scholars who hold degrees in criminology, today with the existence of multiple communications specialists among us, in an era when technology is the order of the day, criminals are still winning the war on crime. How could this be given the size...
ON SATURDAY, Kizzy Bango, 36, was killed in a car accident on the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway, near Claxton Bay. Bango died in circumstances in which it is believed the drag racing of others may have led to her demise. There must be a full and proper inquiry into the circumstances of her death and...
THE EDITOR: How tragic – and I think this plight merits the use of that overworked word – that the Motilal family should have been blind-sided by the law of unintended consequences. I’m sure that the idea of smoking out mosquitoes with an outdoor fire seemed a practical way to...
SEAN Melville, president of the Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA) of the Speyside Anglican Primary School says the sewer problem which forced early closure of classes on the first two days of the new school term, will be closely monitored to ensure repair works are effective. Classes had to...
THE EDITOR: A message purporting to be a statement from our firm, M Hamel-Smith & Co, on the ability – or rather the inability – of male police officers to arrest female citizens at night is being circulated via e-mail and WhatsApp. This message asserts that “it is a...
THE EDITOR: Political leader Dr Keith Rowley has championed the one man, one vote election process and the membership of the People’s National Movement (PNM) stands fired up and ready to take to the polls. The successful candidates on September 30 will work with the political leader to do...
MANAGER of the national women’s football team, Jinelle James, has issued a media release, accusing the TT Football Association (TTFA) of sullying her reputation. James, a former national midfielder, issued a statement less than 24 hours after the TTFA, in a media release, stated that she...
JULIEN NEAVES HEALTH Minister Terrence Deyalsingh says a compatible donor and close family member is needed to save the life of 18-month-old Sheenece Jackson. Sheenece was born with the rare condition called Biliary Atresia and is a childhood disease of the liver which affects one in every 30,000...


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