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THE EDITOR: As a former teacher who taught special needs students for over a decade, I must express my support for the Ministry of Education’s proposal to specifically develop schools in the country for these students. The suggestion, put forward by Chief Education Officer Harrilal Seecharan...
Back in 2011, God the Uncle – my imaginary Uncle Godfrey – called me to sum up the Bible in the voice of Kenrick, a supremely confident Trini with not much reason to be confident, the kind of tess who plays cricket for West Indies in the 2019 World Cup but is still, somehow, loved and admired at...
THE JULY/AUGUST vacation is traditionally a time when children take a break from school and when families make fond memories. But the joys of this time can completely evaporate in the blink of an eye with just one error, lapse or oversight. When it comes to safety, we agree with the position taken...
THE EDITOR: It is very disappointing to read Prof Theodore Lewis saying he looked at the SEA results for 2019, published in the newspapers, and used Indian names as a proxy for the race of children. I consider it ludicrous for him to use the data to conclude that a greater percentage of East Indian...
THE EDITOR: I read with interest the rigmarole tales that Minister Le Hunte is giving the nation about the disastrous water situation we are experiencing. Since 1956 to present, which includes 30 consecutive years of PNM rule, water distribution has always been insufficient. Sooner or later the PNM...
POLICE are continuing investigations into the murder of Akil Andrews, 36, who was shot five times at his Black Rock apartment last Saturday. ACP Ansley Garrick told Newsday on Wednesday nothing new has developed in the investigation. Snr Supt Jeffrey George on Wednesday also said police are still...
CHILDREN of registered refugees are being officially blocked from attending school, including private schools, complained former Arima mayor Ghassan “Gus” Youseph. He told Newsday that a six-year-old boy who is the son of refugees from Syria was denied permission to enter a private school by the...
EMERLINE GORDON LITTLE Blossom pre-school in Canaan hosted its graduation ceremony on July 6 at the Nazarene Church auditorium in Canaan. The feature speaker, Janice Walker, nutrition officer at the Division of Education, encouraged parents of the graduates to continue to groom and support their...
THE 2019 edition of the Tobago Heritage Festival kicks off tonight at the Shaw Park cultural complex. Titled An Authentic Educational Experience, the festival is one of Tobago’s flagship cultural events, showcasing the island’s rich and diverse heritage. This year’s extravaganza...
THE EDITOR: On behalf of all of TT, Vene included, I wish Dr Slinger Francisco a happy 84th birthday. Sparrow was born in Grand Roy, Grenada, in 1935. He moved to TT with his mother in 1937, so that makes him all Trini. He grew up in Port of Spain. I remember his music on reel-to-reel tapes when I...


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