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Nine Tobagonians who were employed to work on the Galleons Passage have has their services terminated via a WhatsApp message with the reason given being that the ferry was in service fewer days that originally anticipated. The workers were notified of their dismissal on January 4 by their...
“Let's stop discouraging persons and entities that are actually striving to make a positive change and instead applaud them for the sacrifice of their time and effort,” said newly appointed Junior Chamber International (JCI) President Crystal Ottley. Ottley, speaking at the JCI's...
President of the Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association (THTA), Chris James said he was disappointed that Sandals Resorts International (SRI) has decided to pull out of discussions for the proposed Tobago project. James told Newsday Tobago that everyone needed to understand the value and importance...
THE EDITOR: I believe in Trinidad and Tobago but I am not sure if many of our politicians and their followers do! Concerning the Sandals withdrawal, my question for Minister Young is, who are the “we” he refers to when he says that “we are not giving up?” Is it the “...
THE EDITOR: I refer to “Stand-off delays Curepe interchange” on Page 5 of the Sunday Newsday, 13th January, 2019. There may be three reasons for the disparity in valuations for the Curepe residents. These are (a) different dates of valuation, (b) valuers looking at different sales...
THE EDITOR: The Sandals people are quite right in walking away from unnecessary pussyfooting and bad mouthing of their franchise. To prove what? That you are smarter than Butch Stewart? The Sandals reputation as a first class entity could not be allowed to be besmirched because of a few...
THE browser wars have been going on since the World Wide Web was opened up to the world. The first web browser was Mosaic, basically a proof-of-concept app created to show how HTML code could be turned into a readable page. It was soon overtaken by a commercial project, Netscape Navigator, which...
THE EDITOR: Take a minute, remove the propaganda he has pedaled about the PP, take another minute and remove the anti-UNC narrative he so passionately leads. How is it that in 2019, this government can use our monies to employ an individual who has on numerous occasions attacked religions and...
THE EDITOR: I have noted with concern, a report in the media that at a news conference, the Minister of Public Utilities implored the population to apply certain measures, mainly of a personal nature, with a view to managing an impending water distribution crisis as a result of a predicted harsh...
THE EDITOR: The televised withdrawal by Sandals Resort International apparently was predicated on, as Minister Extraordinaire Stuart Young said a “handful” of critics, now where on God’s green earth a few regular folk is given such power, particularly when the proposed resort...


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