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SOME OF you may have followed accounts of the gilets jaunes, the yellow vest movement in France that saw several weeks of violent protest. French President Emmanuel Macron had, for the most part, been defined in the international media as a robust counterpoint to the idiocracy of Donald Trump. It...
THE EDITOR: I believe Christmas and the reason for the coming of Christ should be a source of encouragement to us as a nation. Jesus came bring hope to a people who were experiencing darkness at the hands of their king and his foot soldiers. The people were impoverished and burdened with heavy...
THE EDITOR: I am eternally grateful for the new walkover in the Sea Lots area. A walkover is a most crucial pedestrian safety measure needed on our busy highways. I feel a high level of relief driving in the vicinity and not having to dodge pedestrians with my vehicle as I conduct my daily...
THE EDITOR: This country has an abundance of talent in the performing arts. Musical recitals and the music festivals are events that music lovers look forward to and enjoy. At these events, more than half the audience is considered “elderly.” Performances by choirs like The...


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South Oropouche, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad
Maracas Beach, Trinidad and Tobago

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