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The Zoological Association suspects there may be more than just wild cows terrorising the crops and farmers in Orange Grove. A source from the zoo, who wished not to be named, said researchers had been on the ground assessing the area and, through footprint and faeces samples, they believed, aside...
THE BODIES of two people, believed to be Venezuelan, were found within hours of each other in Petit Valley and Cedros. Police are now calling for the public's help in identifying them. The first body was found on Morne Coco Road early this morning. Police told Newsday at about 6 am, a pedestrian...
THE Trinbago Unified Calypsonians’ Organisation (TUCO) Tobago Zone has already received part of the money from the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) to carry on its Carnival 2019 events, and is expected to receive a second sum today. Attorney for the zone, Martin George, confirmed that TUCO received...
A former RBC Royal Bank employee has received the court’s permission to represent 20 other former employees who are seeking outstanding entitlements owed to them by the bank when they joined an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP I) and a staff retirement bonus plan (ESPO II). Justice Ricky Rahim...
IMAGINE owning something that no one else has. A gift, conceived, designed and crafted, just for you. This is not a joke, it’s D Punchline, a small business with a big heart behind it. Gabrielle Punch, visionary/founder/owner/sole trader, began her business two decades ago but recently entered a...
RHIANNA MCKENZIE From the moment you enter the capital city, the Twin Towers are the most notable part of the waterfront. They may not be the sky scrapers that most foreign visitors are used to but for us, the towers of the Eric Williams Financial Complex are the centerpiece of the city. As iconic...
Since the passing of his father, Carnival has taken on a new meaning for Kees Dieffenthaller. “People may like it for different reasons, but Carnival has become a lot more of a spiritual situation for me." As he sat with Newsday earlier this week to talk about the making of his Road March...
KIRAN MATHUR MOHAMMED Alison balanced the half-eaten cake on her plastic plate as she looked around at now senior managers; feeling a bit sad. She had shown most of them the ropes when they were right out of school. Now, just after her 60th birthday, they were packing her off home...
Diversification in TT is often considered to be exclusive, away from the energy sector, but at the National Energy Corporation (NEC), it’s more of an evolution within the industry. “There are other arms to the energy sector — renewable is energy, methanol and using that methanol to develop a new...
Have you ever sat in front of your desk, (or workshop or garage or food stand) and thought, "There has to be a better way to do this!" And then thought of a better, practical way to do that thing? Well if you have – and it’s not a hare-brained idea like spinning straw into gold – then the folks at...


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