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PUBLIC Administration Marlene McDonald yesterday sought to clear the air on a complaint by Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar about Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi’s ownership of property at No. 3 Alexandra Street, St Clair, which was rented by Government. The AG accused Persad-Bissessar of “...
THE EDITOR: Sahara dust presents serious risks for human health. Large particles damage external organs causing skin and eye irritations, conjunctivitis. Inhalable particles get trapped in the nose, mouth and upper respiratory tract causing asthma, pneumonia. Finer particles enter the blood stream...
THE EDITOR: Dr Fuad Khan, who has an eagle eye, must be congratulated and commended for calling a spade a spade in reference to people who live to eat rather than eat to live. There are people who even if told an ocean of truth will never accept it. A lot of people do not know a “b”...
Culture Matters There once was a man from Port of Spain Who always preferred to complain He went seeking Savannah grass But was smothered by Sahara dust He sneezed violently and exclaimed “what de a**!” AS ENGLISH teachers everywhere cringe at my limerick attempt,...
THE EDITOR: PTSC or whoever owns the bus shelter at the western end of St Clair Avenue, obliquely across from the Roxy Roundabout, please note that it was uprooted from the ground on Carnival Monday or Tuesday. The leaning frame is now carelessly and precariously “anchored” to a side...
THE EDITOR: Now that the Carnival celebrations are over, and hopefully all participants have collected their just due, I humbly ask: how did the Trinidad Carnival begin? I ask this because as a child (I’m over 60 now) I was told, and over the years it was literally engraved in me, that...
THURSDAY’S commemoration of World Down Syndrome Day was marked by a bevy of imaginative activities. Even members of the San Fernando City Council, including Mayor Junia Regrello, were photographed wearing colourful socks in support of the cause. These activities, which also came ahead of next...
THE EDITOR: With all the talk about obesity, it makes sense to take control of our health by exercising on a regular basis. Over time you will see many positive physical, mental, and social health-enhancing benefits. Your quality of life vastly improves and vigour as well. You have heard this...
THE EDITOR: On March 12, the Minister of Education chose to respond to a motion by Senator Paul Richards indicating that, “This ministry and this Government is cognisant of our responsibility where children who are afflicted with special needs are concerned and we are doing everything...
The police will increase their presence along the Claude Noel Highway, in an effort to ensure a smooth flow of traffic, as the $35 million project continues. A press release from the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment on Friday said a meeting to improve the traffic plan for...


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