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LEGAL opinion government obtained in the ongoing saga of Chief Justice Ivor Archie is not sitting well with attorneys and even judges. Newsday learned yesterday that a few judges privately expressed their views yesterday on the Prime Minister’s decision not to proceed to impeach based on a...
THE EDITOR: The time has come for the management and board of TTPost to pay the ultimate price for failure and stand down. They are just going through the motions trying to dream up gimmicks instead of sorting out the basic problems with the corporation. I mailed a package in the UK to a relative...
THE EDITOR: The opposition UNC’s plan for doing away with rampant crime and criminality, should the party come into office in 2020, differs not one iota with what is presently in motion. It is a pointless waste of space to repeat what is being done by the Commissioner of Police and his...
THE woman who admitted to paying two men to kill her friend in 2005 so that she could take her baby will possibly be sentenced sometime in August. Kerry Ann Hosang, who earlier this month pleaded guilty to felony murder, reappeared before Justice Althea Alexis-Windsor on Wednesday. However, Hosang...
PRIME MINISTER Dr Keith Rowley will not accede to a request placed before him by the Law Association for the formation of a fact-finding tribunal in relation to allegations against Chief Justice Ivor Archie. But that decision notwithstanding, lingering questions over the need for reform of the...
THE EDITOR: On July 28 the Blind Welfare Association will stage its Sixth Annual Concert in collaboration with Naparima College. The event will feature blind and visually impaired artistes. I commend association members for their sterling work as advocates for the blind and vision impaired. In...
THE EDITOR: A recent editorial in Guyana’s Stabroek News stated, “In this instance (2019 World Cup) it is really only the undoubtedly talented Shai Hope who earns really noteworthy mention.” Really, really? While I am an admirer/supporter of Hope and consider him one of our...
Chairman of the National Infrastructure Development Company Nidco Hubert George said the broken jet cover bracket that caused the Jean de la Valette to abort its sailing to Tobago on Thursday was as common as “a baby dying.” Speaking to Newsday on Friday George said, “it’s...
Culture Matters Emancipation Series: The Pan Africanists “A journalist, radical activist, and theoretician, George Padmore did more than perhaps any other single individual to shape the theory and discourse of Pan-African anti-imperialism in the first half of the twentieth century...
THE EDITOR: What a waste of public money with the long investigation into the e-mail scandal. Many involved in this saga may have already kicked the bucket or lost track of it all. Now we will have to wait probably just as long to hear the results of the allegations of misconduct against the Chief...


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