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ATTORNEY General Faris Al-Rawi has accused former government minister Devant Maharaj of doxing owing to the releases of cell phone numbers of the Prime Minister and other Cabinet members to the public. “Doxing is when you go out of your way to crash a system using certain truths. So, if you...
“Do the staff remind you of Get Out?” my wife asks, facetiously. We’d just encountered another smiling hotel maid at a frighteningly expensive resort in St Lucia. Ladera, whose open-air cabins overlook the Pitons UNESCO World Heritage site, is breathtakingly beautiful. The owner of the travel...
The recent making public of Dr Rowley’s mobile telephone number by Devant Maharaj, a member of the main Opposition party, was an unethical act. It may or may not have been illegal, or even seditious, but it was mean and intended to harass this country’s Prime Minister. Regardless of...
THE EDITOR: We are already smack in the middle of the Christmas season, a time for sharing joy and happiness! Sad to say but, unfortunately, most of what is shared on social media right now is negative and influenced by people who are consumed by fear, hate and worry. The “disaster fatigue...
Prowl. This means “in search of prey, plunder; to move about like a hunter; move about secretly or rapaciously.” No better description of our smart-men (including women) who roam about seeking prey or who sit quietly waiting until one falls into his scheme. Last week’s column...
THE EDITOR: Having cut about 500 lower-level employees and 80 management executives, TSTT is apparently now set to cut a hundred or so people at management level. The Communications Workers Union has long argued that TSTT was top heavy but, since trade unionists always say that, I was never sure...
The discovery of 400 kilogrammes of high grade marijuana in a container at Caribbean Bottlers TT Ltd, continues a welcome discovery of large caches of illegal drugs in TT. The drugs, worth $6 million, were found in 12 black duffel bags and one crocus bag behind cases of Cereza beer, which the...
Attorney Keith Scotland was moved to tears last Saturday as he reflected on the injustices that continue to befall people of African descent in TT, more than a century after the end of chattel slavery in the Caribbean. Alluding to Thema Williams’ recent victory against the TT Gymnastics Federation...
THE EDITOR: We need to stop speaking negatives things. A few months ago, I heard a television personality say they were sure the murder rate in TT would be 500. That was not the first time I heard people in this country speak those kind of negative things. We need to be careful of what comes out...
HUNDREDS of primary school cleaners are facing a bleak Christmas as the Ministry of Education has failed to release the quarterly grant for their payment. Association of Denominational Boards of Education chairman Sharon Mangroo confirmed on Friday that schools have not received the grant for...


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