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Anna Ramdass—LEADER of Government Business Camille Robinson-Regis says she did not call Princes Town MP Barry Padarath a racist.

Kamla: No walkout during flood debate
Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar stated that the Opposition did not abandon the people's business when it walked out of the Parliament last Friday.

...Heated exchanges in House over relief efforts *
Politicians engaged in a verbal war over flooding as Works Minister Rohan Sinanan said that nearly half a billion dollars was spent on box drains in Siparia in five years...

Security guard sues State *
In 2015, security guard Anita Bartholomew said the body of prison escapee Allan “Scanny” Martin saved her when the police fired at him.

Police probe kidnap link in triple murder *
POLICE SERVICE Special Branch officers are trying to find out more about the abduction in Venezuela of a Laventille man whose case is connected to last week’s killing of three men, who went to John John to collect a ransom to buy his freedom.

NYC Trini to host fund-raising lime *
Ricardo Babulal, the Trinidad-born, New York-based school teacher who wants to help flood victims in Trinidad, has planned an event to raise funds. The fund-raising after-work lime takes place at Elegant Floral Design, Ozone Park, New York, on Thursday.

Have you seen my mother? *
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Yvonne “Matie” Dhanraj? Her 35-year-old son Anand Arjun is searching for her.

Praise flows for Harvey *
In the aftermath of the announcement last Friday of Fr Clyde Harvey as Bishop-elect for St George’s, Grenada, religious leaders have extended their congratulations.

Fuad blames ‘nasty people’ for blocking drains, rivers *
San Juan/Barataria MP Dr Fuad Khan is placing blame at the feet of “nasty” citizens for the devastating flooding in the wake of Tropical Storm Bret.

Kayla cries for murdered mom
By Carolyn Kissoon - Eight-year-old Kayla Philip, the physically-challenged daughter of murdered Ornella Philip, was taken for medical attention last night after being told that her mother was dead.