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"For everyone who's wondering if I'm dead"
By Susan Mohammed - RACHAEL SUKHDEO who less than a year ago caused the court to discontinue criminal charges against her millionaire auto and real estate dealer husband Sheron Sukhdeo on Monday dispelled rumours of her death.

Car stolen while grandpa bathes in the sea
By Carolyn Kissoon - A pensioner taking a morning bath at King's Wharf, San Fernando, was robbed of his car on Monday.

Cops detain parents during school protest
By Carolyn Kissoon - Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) president of the Tranquility Government Primary School, Chad Barkley, and a female parent were taken into police custody during a protest outside the school's gates on Monday.

Appeal Court rules: Property Tax order extended
By Rickie Ramdass - The Court of Appeal has granted an extension to the order made on Friday by High Court judge Frank Seepersad that brought a halt to the requirement of property owners to complete and submit Valuation Return Forms (VRFs) as government seeks to implement the collection of property

Sewer system sabotage at Lara stadium?
By Donstan Bonn - Was the May 12 incident of a leaking sewer system at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy on the night of its opening, a deliberate act?

Midnight murder in St Augustine: Driver killed
By Alexander Bruzual - A PH taxi driver was gunned down in St Augustine on Sunday.

No plans for Debe to Mon Desir highway
By Nikita Braxton-Benjamin - ENVIRONMENTAL activist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh says he has been told by Government that the Debe to Mon Desir segment of the Solomon Hochoy highway will not be built.

Death near Chase Village Overpass
By Nikita Braxton-Benjamin - THE BODY of a man was found near the flyover at Chase Village on Sunday.

Body in the bushes in Piparo
By Carolyn Kissoon - The decomposed body of a man was discovered in bushes off Piparo Road on Sunday.

THE State appeared to have privileged access to the Appeal Court. This was the conclusion that former attorney general Anand Ramlogan and his client, former minister Devant Maharaj, have reached, based on the “facts and circumstances” surrounding the listing of the appeal in the propert

Killing us with statistics
An ongoing investigation into the propriety of Children’s Authority director Safiya Noel’s decision to relocate a teenage boy from the authority’s care centre to her home caps off a turbulent two years for the authority. In this special to the Express, SHEILA RAMPERSAD continues he