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Ministry defends Garcia on Chancellor statement
Rickie Ramdass—THE MINISTRY of Education yesterday sought to defend its line minister Anthony Garcia who announced last week that local businessman Robert Bermudez has been selected as the next Chancellor of The University of the West Indies (The UWI).

Ria Taitt—AGENT for the Super Fast Galicia, Intercontinental Shipping Ltd, is requesting that any new arrangements relating to the charter hire of the vessel by the government not be publicly disclosed.

Against the property tax
Renuka Singh—A MOTORCADE or a march against the property tax is being planned by the Ummah T&T group.

Air Guard dies in crash *
Nikita Braxton-Benjamin—A SENIOR officer at the Trinidad and Tobago Air Guard died in a car accident at Siparia yesterday morning.

Faris: No conflict despite law firm hired by ICSL
Asha Javeed—ATTORNEY General Faris Al-Rawi yesterday admitted that while in private practice, his law firm, Al-Rawi and Company, once worked for Intercontinental Shipping Ltd (ISCL), the company which brokered the MV Super Fast Galicia to service the sea-bridge in 2014.

Barge, cargo vessel ready to sail from today, says minister
Rickie Ramdass—FOR at least the next month, service of the Trinidad and Tobago seabridge is expected to be normal now that temporary measures have been implemented to replace the Super Fast Galicia.

Crisis in nation's hospitals *
Camille Hunte—TRINIDAD and Tobago's healthcare system is clearly in crisis.

Student Support shutdown looms
Denyse Renne—A NATIONWIDE shutdown of the Student Support Services Division is planned to take effect from tomorrow and continue until School Social Work officers are paid salaries.

Commotion after drowning
Elizabeth Williams—RELATIVES of eight-year-old Oshea Charles say he would have been alive today, if lifeguard and emergency officials acted with more urgency to save him.

'Expect more downgrades for T&T' *
Asha Javeed—TRINIDAD and Tobago should expect more downgrades by rating agencies, university economist Vaalmikki Arjoon has said.

Kamla celebrates her 65th birthday
OPPOSITON Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar celebrated her 65th birthday yesterday.

'Police bullying, threats' amid peace effort
By Andy Johnson—IN the following interview, Islamic leader Umar Abdullah, head of the Waajihatul Islaamiyyah, the Islamic Front, discusses what he says are threats, bullying and antagonism by some members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, in the face of the efforts he is leading.

Khan: Govt to look at electricity subsidy *
Aleem Khan—CABINET is to decide on the electricity subsidy and, by extension, the $3.5 billion State-owned electricity provider T&TEC owes the National Gas Company (NGC), Energy Minister Franklin Khan said Friday.