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THE way is clear for Exodus steelband to drop SuperBlue's Rag Storm and roll into the 2019 Panorama finals with Kees Dieffenthaller's Savannah Grass. The decision was made at around 9 pm today when High Court judge Justice Kevin Ramcharan ruled in favour of the band which filed an injunction...
TT Road Safety Council President Stan Huggins said road safety practices are even more crucial during the Carnival season, especially leading up to Carnival Monday and Tuesday. He said it is more necessary during this season for pedestrians and drivers to move about carefully, and drivers should...
UNABLE to house her pet dog Mecky, a woman is now searching for a family to adopt the animal. Mecky was a malnourished puppy when she was found on the streets of King's Wharf, San Fernando nine years ago. Neeleen Seecharan, 33, took the animal into her home in San Fernando. but she told Newsday...
THE Environmental Management Authority (EMA) says it is investigating a development site in Mausica after complaints from residents. Residents of Andrews Lane, Mausica had told Newsday that a site owned by a developer had become a dumping ground and fires there had resulted in toxic smoke which...
A FAMILY in San Juan has been saved from having an entire floor of their million-dollar business place demolished by the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation. Justice Vasheist Kokaram ruled that apart from what the law dictates, those who implement it must do so fairly and humanely. Presiding...
Hotels, inns and resorts in Tobago are reporting an increase in the occupancy rate for this year’s Carnival season, compared to last year. They explained they were hoping the season remained positive so visitors could be encouraged to return to the island throughout the year. Plantations Beach...
DAYS before 2018 Panorama finals, the Prime Minister called the results. During a visit to the CAL Skiffle Steel Orchestra panyard, San Fernando, Rowley predicted then BP Renegades would be victorious, with Skiffle coming in a close second. So said, so done. Has he called it again? This was the...
Exodus steelband has filed an injunction against Pan Trinbago. The band’s attorney, Hove and Associates, told Newsday the injunction was filed at about 12.30 pm today. This comes after Exodus sent a pre-action protocol letter to Pan Trinbago yesterday asking for an all-parties conference to take...
While fighting discrimination and inequality remains a challenge, a survey conducted by the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) revealed that discrimination and racism emerged first in the top ten of the most important issues facing TT. Speaking at a panel discussion today on "Public Perception of...
Moriah residents can now access health care services after the Moriah Health Centre was closed since 2018. At the public health consultation at the Moriah Community Centre on Wednesday evening, hosted by the Tobago Regional Health Authority and the Division of Health, Wellness and Family...


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